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Council of Ministers' Communiqué.(APS,14/11/2022)

"Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Leader of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired, today, a meeting of the Council of Ministers devoted to two bills relating to military justice and the fight against corruption through the establishment of a National Agency for the management of frozen assets, seized and confiscated, in addition to presentations on the complementary development program of the wilaya of Tissemsilt, the establishment of the National Agency for Desalination of Water and monitoring the implementation of the roadmap for the development of the national fleet of maritime transport of goods.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President of the Republic expressed his thanks to the government for its contribution to the success of the Arab Summit in Algiers. After the presentation of the agenda and the assessment of the government's activities during the last two weeks by the Prime Minister, the President gave the following instructions:

He ordered the Government to prepare the implementing texts relating to the increase of salaries, retirement pensions and unemployment benefits to start the payment of the increases directly after the approval, by the Parliament, of the 2023 finance bill, starting in January 2023.

1- Concerning the draft law on military justice:

The President of the Republic has given instructions for the enrichment of the bill, insisting on the imperative to take into account the specificity of the missions it covers and the confidentiality required in the framework of the protection of the supreme interests of the State.

- To condition any declaration to the media in matters related to national defense issues and interesting the public opinion, to a prior authorization of the Minister of National Defense.

2- Concerning the creation of a National Agency for the management of frozen, seized and confiscated assets :

The President of the Republic instructed the Government to enrich the draft law, taking into account the following:

- Defining more flexible mechanisms in terms of recovery of state assets and reducing bureaucratic procedures, so as to allow the recovery of all misappropriated funds.

- To be realistic in the treatment of anti-corruption cases, through the adoption of simplified direct mechanisms, far from the complications that tend to perpetuate this phenomenon.

- To consecrate the supremacy of the Law and place the protection of the citizen at the top of the priorities and at the center of the concerns of the State.

- The institutions of the State are called to continue the fight against all forms of corruption, whatever the ramifications, in coordination with the authorities and countries concerned. President Tebboune expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation perceived in some European countries regarding the recovery of embezzled funds.

3.Concerning Tissemsilt’s complementary development program:

- The President of the Republic has ordered the Minister of Interior and Local Government to go to the field and listen, closely, to the concerns of local elected officials in order to ensure cohesion with the aspirations of citizens, taking into account the specificity of this wilaya which requires a comprehensive development.

- The objective of revival of this complementary program is essentially the improvement of the living environment of the citizen, the establishment of a balance of development ensuring the wilaya of Tissemsilt and other wilayas to keep pace with the development process at the national level.

- The development of the wilaya passes, first, by the opening up and the revival of various frozen projects after a careful census operation, in addition to the lifting of all constraints, especially the vital projects related to the citizen.

- Increasing the quota of the wilaya in terms of rural housing and revival of projects and public investment, able to reduce the unemployment rate and create new jobs.

- Ensuring the doubling of roads in order to facilitate travel, especially to the two axes of Tiaret and Algiers.

4- Concerning the creation of a National Agency of seawater desalination:

- The President of the Republic welcomed all the efforts made by the various national partners and with Algerian means, in terms of preserving the national water security in the face of water stress.

- Creation of a new academic specialty for the training of Algerian students and executives in the field of seawater desalination, given the progress made in this vital sector. Algeria produces more than 2,700,000 m3 / d, thus becoming a pioneer country in this field.

In this context, President Tebboune thanked all the executives who have contributed to this qualitative leap to ensure the supply of drinking water to citizens.

5- Regarding the monitoring of the implementation of the roadmap for the development of the national fleet of maritime transport of goods:

The President of the Republic has instructed the Minister of the sector to prepare a comprehensive and detailed report on the state of the sector, defining the responsibilities to submit to the next meeting of the Council of Ministers.

- The revival of the shipping sector requires to fight against the sloppiness and attempts at sabotage targeting the public enterprise of maritime transport of goods.

- The President of the Republic has instructed to renew the maritime transport fleet through the acquisition of new vessels.

General guidelines:

- Mr. President ordered to make public, Thursday, November 17, 2022, the specifications governing the activities of car manufacturers and dealers.

- At the end of the meeting, the Council of Ministers approved decrees on appointments to senior state positions.