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President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune Chairs meeting of Council of Ministers.(APS,03/04/2023)

ALGIERS-The President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune chaired Sunday a meeting of the Council of Ministers on a bill that includes special provisions for receiving alimony and several presentations related to the finance sector, said the Presidency of the Republic in a statement.

«Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers on a bill that includes special provisions for receiving alimony and several presentations on the finance sector, including the digitization of services of state property, taxes, and customs, as well as the opening of the capital of public banks," said the statement.

After opening the meeting and giving the floor to the Prime Minister for the presentation of the Government's activity report over the past two weeks, the President gave the following instructions, directives and guidelines:

Regarding the Justice and Solidarity sectors, with regard to measures for obtaining alimony by divorced women:

The President ordered the revision of the bill in order to enrich it further, taking into account the following guidelines:

The alimony fund for divorced women must remain under the supervision and authority of the Ministry of Justice.

The implementation of fund management provisions and measures at the local level is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice.

The President has ordered the revision of the solidarity allowance for the benefit of destitute families, currently estimated at 3,000 DA, within the framework of the preservation of the dignity of our fellow citizens of all categories and the protection of purchasing power.

Regarding a presentation on the terms and conditions for granting economic land in the private domains of the State intended for investment:

- The President of the Republic ordered the development of three draft Presidential Decrees governing the distribution of economic, tourist and urban land.

- The creation, organization and management of industrial zones must respond to a new vision which attracts investment, including private investment.

- Need to distinguish between economic, tourist and urban investments, managed by land agencies, in order to enshrine transparency and achieve economic efficiency.

- Preparation of a presentation by the Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City, before the Council of Ministers, on the prospects of the new city of Boughezoul, in order to begin its urbanization and its optimal exploitation, especially since the project has been soulless since its launch decades ago.

Regarding the digitization of Domains, Taxes and Customs:

- Mr. President affirmed that the objective of digitization is not only to modernize administrative transactions, but is a matter of national security and aims to serve the citizen, in particular through the exact definition of State property and individuals.

- The establishment, immediately and urgently, of an Algerian data bank by the Ministry of Finance, in order to facilitate the various State services, the exercise of their functions and the accomplishment of their duties to their citizens, in the most effective way.

- The President instructed the Ministers of Finance and Digitization to materialize the digitization project in the aforementioned sectors, within a maximum of 6 months, as a first phase before the global digitization.

- Resort to the achievement of this vital objective for the State to the best experts, national skills and international design offices.

Regarding the progress of the file related to the opening of the capital of public banks:

Mr. President insisted on the principle of transparency to initiate financial reform and adapt to international changes in this sector, a pillar of the national economy.

- Accelerate the process of opening the capital of public banks according to a scientific and skilfully studied method which encourages the change of the old mode of governance, currently based on administration instead of economic efficiency.

Regarding the presentation on the housing bank and the opening of Algerian banks abroad:

Mr. President insisted on the acceleration of the operation of opening Algerian banks abroad, taking care to complete all the procedures according to a new and effective approach.

- Make up for the delay in the launch of the housing bank by reducing the deadlines set for its entry into service.

At the end of the meeting, the Council of Ministers approved decrees on appointments and termination of functions in senior state positions.